The Preschool Ministry is designed to partner with parents as they raise their preschoolers on a path that will ultimately lead to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  The greatest desire of this ministry team is to help you and your family in this process and to have meaningful Christian experiences through the many opportunities offered at North Oxford Baptist Church.

We believe that the preschool years are critical in the development of a child.  At no other point in life do we learn or accomplish so much in so short a period of time.  Our goal is to lay a strong foundation for faith during these formative years.

No child is too young to learn about God.  Providing a safe, secure, relaxed environment is crucial to this process.  Preschoolers have the opportunity to learn and assimilate biblical concepts each time they come to church through age-appropriate activities.

It is an honor and privilege to serve you as we partner in the spiritual training of your child.

For more information, please contact our Preschool Director,  Loidha Bautista.