Preschool Division


Please contact our Preschool Coordinator, Loidha Bautista, for further information
about opportunities in our preschool ministry.

Bed Babies
Janie Smith
Loidha Bautista
Betty Yancy
2 Year Olds
Becky Rooker
Lisa Fortenberry
3 Year Olds
4 Year Olds
Jeff Cousar
Katrina Cousar
5 Year Olds
Sylvia Barron
Janet Richardson
Pete Trussell

Children’s Division

Please contact our Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Lori Bray, for further information
about opportunities in our children’s ministry.

First Grade
Room 216
Jerry Brown
Lexanne Brown
Second Grade
Room 217
Carolyn Gray
Julie Reeves
Third Grade
Room 214
Ashley Shows
Fourth Grade
Room 215
Barbara Young
Ken Young
Fifth - Sixth Grade Boys
Room 212
David Bodenheimer
Fifth - Sixth Grade Girls
Room 213
Marilyn Beardain

Student Division

Please contact Paul Corley forĀ further information about opportunities in our student ministry.

Seventh and Eigth Grade Boys
Mark Brown
Trey Bullock
Ninth and Tenth Grade Boys
Adam Pugh
Eleventh and Twelfth Grade Boys
Rob Jackson
Seventh - Eighth Grade Girls
Gwenda Brown
Ninth & Tenth Grade Girls
Kim Pugh
Eleventh and Twelfth Grade Girls
Kristy Larson


Please contact Paul Corley for more information regarding our college
ministry, or visit the College Ministry here.

Please contact David Bodenheimer for information about opportunities in our adult classes.

College Class
Brad Smith
Kelly Smith
Co-Ed "Youth Parents"
Room 209
Al Nylander
We offer open discussion of relevant topics for today's parents. We're grounded in God's Word, bonded by God's love, and being strengthened in our walk with Christ and with our families. We're simply doing life together, and sharing love and support to each other and to our community whenever the needs arise.
Fellowship Hall
Cory Williamson
Young adults learning how to apply the Bible to their everyday lives. We fellowship in small groups and as an entire class. We care for each other by meeting needs and making relationships.
Room C205
Johnny Flynt
Our class meets in the choir room. The class is made up of couples ranging in age from 40 - 55. Our main goal is to teach the Word of God and then apply the message to everyday life. We always have a fun fellowship time at the beginning of class followed by a prayer and praise time. Our class supports Forgotten Children, a ministry to orphans in Honduras, and various benevolent cases in the community.
Peggy Sneed
The ages in this Co-Ed class range mostly from 30's - 40's but, we have some younger and older; anyone is welcome. Class begins with 15 minutes of fellowship time and prayer followed by Bible study and discussion. We enjoy studying God's Word together, taking care of one another, and reaching out to our community. We would love to have you join us!
Room 201
Steve Blackmon
Originally designed for couples ages 45 - 55, our class has blossomed to include couples from the upper 20's to the upper 60's. God's wisdom has called together a wonderful group of prayer warriors best defined by "3 F's": Faith, Fellowship, and Fun. We have prayed each other through numerous personal crises and enjoy regular times of fellowship highlighted by our yearly Christmas brunch.
Room C207
Teaching by Committee
Married couples studying and discussing God's Word, praying together, and encouraging one another. We humbly seek spiritual growth and God's guidance to help us face life's challenges as we serve Him.
Room C211
Bill Martin
We study a book of the Bible verse by verse until we have an understanding and can make proper application through vigorous discussion. We explore and expand relationships internally and outside our class with the intent to go and grow. We support missions and maintain our own fund for meeting mission needs and participate with outside organizations in meeting community needs.
Room C210
Billy Page
We meet each week to explore the Bible in depth and apply it to our lives. We spend time in prayer and fellowship; encouraging one another.
Ladies - 30's
Room 205
Amy Daniels
A class of young women encouraging each other and seeking God's guidance.
Ladies - "Journey"
Room C208
Faye Massey
We are blessed to be saved; we are saved to serve. Our ladies class teaches and discusses God's Word. There is no set age requirement. Within the class, small care groups enable members to fellowship, to develop relationships, and to serve together with class and church needs.
Ladies - "Gloria"
Room 207
Nina McCullough
Our ladies read and discuss scripture and apply it to our daily lives.
Ladies - "Love"
Room C203
Marjorie Douglass
"Love" Sunday School Class is where the Bible is taught, Scripture discussed, and applied to our everyday living. Our class is made up of women who love the Lord and are loving and caring of each other. Our outreach goes out to all ages. There is a song, "What the World Needs Now is Love", and that's true of our class. We share God's love and good fellowship.
Ladies - "Adah"
Room C201
Laura Pope
A close group of ladies that love studying God's Word and spreading "sunshine" to each other and people with special needs within our community. We enjoy a monthly fellowship apart from class time and usually have different mission projects throughout the year.
Ladies - "Grace"
Room C202
Bettye Davis
A loving circle of friends who meet weekly to share God's love and study His Word. We meet once per month for a lunch or dinner outing and fellowship with on another. We support many mission opportunities in our community and around the world.
Ladies - "Ruth"
Room 104
Ann Baker Grantham
Our "seasoned" ladies class who diligently studies God's Word and offers love and support for one another and to others outside our group.
Room C206
Jimmy Moore
Middle-aged to senior adult age range class who enjoys fellowship with each other each week and digging into God's Word for guidance and encouragement. We look for opportunities and give with benevolent hearts to several needs in our community.
Men - "Berians"
Room C204
Bobby Hutchins
Our older men connect each week through fellowship and Bible study and then apply it by giving to those less fortunate here locally, in our state, country, and all around the world.
Sanctuary Class
Basement Room 105/106
Joe Lovelady
Ours is a co-educational class of middle to senior years. The format is Bible study by lecture with some questions and comments. Singles and couples are welcome.
Internationals Class
Room C212
Brynn Vaughn
Cody Vaughn
A newly designed class that offers Biblical teaching to internationals. We discuss topics of Christian culture and enjoy fellowship between fellow believers and those who want to know more about Jesus.