What is the Pray for Me Campaign?         

It is a strategic step in mobilizing adults from every generation to intentionally begin investing in the lives of teenagers in a natural way. We have taken the most basic of Christian acts, prayer, and made it the connecting point between the generations. Prayer provides an easy and non-threatening way to initiate relationship across generational lines, while also creating a bond that is supernatural and lasting. May God be pleased to create a vast web of relationships across generational lines throughout His entire church by raising up a host of Prayer Champions for each emerging generation.

How Does it Work at NOBC?

  • Step 1: Each student from 1st Grade through College will work with their family to choose a Prayer Champion from three different generations (20/30’s, 40/50’s, 60’s+).  Adults in these age groups sign-up to be Prayer Champions

  • Step 2: Our staff will assign adults to students/children who need help filling all three Prayer Champions.

  • Step 3:  Adults receive their student/child assignments to be praying for via email, and students/children will receive all three of their Prayer Champions.  Adults pick up Prayer Guides and other materials and…

  • Step 4: Start Praying!

    • Student/College book – Page 31

    • Children’s book – Page 17

Important Notes

  • Each Adult can have a maximum of three(total) students/children for whom they are praying.

  • Adults who are praying for both a child and a teenager do not need to get both books.  Get the Youth edition book if you are praying for both age groups.

  • Each child in a family will have their own three Prayer Champions.

  • Family members cannot be your Prayer Champion (they should already be praying for you!).


For more information, contact Paul Corley, Youth/College Pastor.